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No Stitch Knee Surgery

Knee Replacement surgeon in South Austin

Dr. Scott Smith is especially well-versed in surgical treatment of knee conditions. The goal is not to operate unless absolutely necessary, but for people with severe injuries or arthritis pain in the knee, orthopedic surgery may be the most conservative and predictable treatment.

Dr. Smith performs a no-stitch knee surgery procedure, an improved arthroscopic method that allows patients to recover more quickly after surgery, with less pain, less swelling, and minimal scarring.

Most surgeons make three small incisions around the knee for arthroscopy, but Dr. Smith places only two. He makes the smallest incisions possible; they are barely big enough for the scope and instruments to pass through. He does this to avoid using stitches and to reduce scarring, which is in line with his minimalist approach to surgery.

For Dr. Smith, however, it’s not so much about the stitches as it is about achieving the best results at all levels. Since he was a third-year medical student in 1989, Dr. Smith has been thinking about improving arthroscopic knee surgery, tweaking his techniques to get the best results for his patients. According to Dr. Smith:

“I feel that anything a surgeon touches is a source of pain after the operation. That is why I have developed a systematic ‘first five minutes’ of all my scopes that I carry out every time to provide a thorough evaluation of every knee. I do this without bumping my instruments into, scraping or removing any tissue in the knee. I am convinced this also facilitates recovery.”

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Besides arthroscopic knee surgery, other common knee procedures that Dr. Smith performs include:

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“We as orthopedic surgeons have come a long way in the last 20 years, and I try to learn something from every patient I have the privilege of treating.”

If Dr. Scott Smith sounds like the kind of doctor you want working on your knee, call (512) 439-1001 today or request an appointment online to be seen in Cedar Park, Round Rock, or Northwest Austin. Dr. Smith’s no-stitch knee surgery is the most conservative surgical treatment available.